Advanced cardiac diagnostics & interventions

At MSPH our emergency department is opened 24 hours a day. Our professional team of doctors trained and skilled in delivering emergency treatment to a broad spectrum of inbound patients. Our unit is supported by highly skilled nurses and specialist physicians.

Why choose emergency department?

Our unit have highly trained doctors and other health professionals on site to deal with emergencies. They evaluate, treat, stabilise and commence the health management of patients who have come to the unit with a serious illness or injury.<

When and why should you visit our Emergency Unit?

You should go to a hospital EU if you or your child are seriously ill or injured.

Collaborative Emergency Medical Ambulance Service

In November 2023, Midlands Specialist Private Hospital and Mi7 National Group’s Emergency Medical Services division officially announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing service delivery and patient care in the area. Our jointly co-branded ambulance, symbolizing the synergy between Midlands Specialist Private Hospital and Mi7 National Group’s EMS Division, is custom-designed, adorned with the logos of both organizations and represents the collaborative spirit and commitment to healthcare excellence.

Most people visit our emergency unit with conditions that include:

  • injuries from accidents, physical assaults, or falls
  • heart attack, chest pain and stroke
  • problems with breathing or bleeding
  • broken limbs & burns
  • loss of consciousness and /or worsening of a serious illness
  • drug overdoses, poisoning and allergic reactions
  • pregnancy complications
  • mental illness