A specialised
multi-disciplinary haematology and oncology team

  Level 4 of Block C

The Haematology and Oncology Centre of Excellence at Midlands Specialist Private Hospital is a 9-bed unit, fully equipped to care for patients suffering from associated conditions.

The centre was launched in 2019 to service the needs of the community and ease their access to this type of healthcare facility. We are in the process of developing an on-site chemotherapy suite that will be headed by a vastly experienced specialist oncologist.

Our centre is backed up by a group of emergency doctors, which comprises a trauma specialist-led group, as well as comprehensive radiology services. There are also four laboratory services as well as a histology and cytology laboratory on site.

Our specialised, multi-disciplinary healthcare team is available 24 hours a day.

Haematology Centre Facilities & Support

4 laboratory services on-site

Histology Lab

Cytology Lab

Radiology Services